Christmas Decor
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DONKEY: Christians traditionally think of a donkey as the beast who carried the Blessed Mother and our unborn Lord to Bethlehem. The donkey also is part of every Nativity set as as an animal who witnessed the birth of Christ. Donkeys are slow, methodical, and strong animals. Sometimes strength of character and slow persistence are just the traits needed to bring Christ to someone who is not particularly interested in knowing Him. Lord, strengthen my spirit and set my pace so that I may be an effective instrument in bringing Your message to others. Amen.

Traditional Green-leaf Christmas Tree(JC-TGRN)

A traditional green Christmas tree looks more realistic and brings out the colour if the decorations more.Why not get a green one with artificial snow on so its a bit of both.



Primary Color       :Green

Battery Type          :No

Model No.               :JC-TGRN

Material                 :PVC

Size                        :3-5ft,6-7.5ft,9-12ft

Order                     :OEM

MOQ                     :100units