Christmas Decor
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CAMEL: Christians associate camels with the three magi who brought gifts to the Infant Christ. Camels are stubborn, mean-spirited animals, yet God used them to bring the magi to the Lord. They performed their work well because the magi knew how to control and guide them. No matter how unpleasant our personalities may be, God can use us to be bring others to Christ if we submit to His grace and allow ourselves to be led by those who know Him. Lord, I give You all my imperfections. Give me the grace to be docile to Your spirit, at work in my soul and through others, so that I may do Your Will. Amen.

Black-leaf Christmas Tree(JC-TBLK)

Black is back!If you are looking for a black Christmas tree,here is one great for you.Black has a very elegant look that will make your living room spectacular in black.



Primary Color       :Black

Battery Type          :No

Model No.               :JC-TBLK

Material                 :PVC

Size                        :3-5ft,6-7.5ft,9-12ft

Order                     :OEM

MOQ                     :100units