Christmas Decor
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SHEPHERDS: Angels announced to shepherds that a Savior was born in Bethlehem. They believed the heavenly visitors and went to see for themselves. Do we believe others who testify to the power of God working in their lives? Or do we dismiss them as emotional, off-balanced, or gullible? The shepherds would have missed seeing the Lord if they had dismissed the angels as figments of their imagination. What might we miss if we dismiss others' testimonies? Lord, help me to listen when others talk about what You've done in their lives. May I open to seeing Your power at work in them. Amen.

White-leaf Christmas Tree(JC-TWHE)

Decorating a Christmas tree gives you a chance to express your creativity.One variation on the traditional Christmas tree is a white tree.Whether the tree is real and flocked white or is an artificial white tree,it allows you to create a different look and use decorations that you may not be able to use on a standard green tree.



Primary Color       :White

Battery Type          :No

Model No.               :JC-TWHE

Material                 :PVC

Size                        :3-5ft,6-7.5ft,9-12ft

Order                     :OEM

MOQ                     :100units